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Feb. 23rd, 2008

Flip Flop Whore

My First Week

 Well, I posted all those videos but I haven't posted about how the new job is going!

I LOVE it. We're doing 4 weeks of training, 2 weeks of 'nesting', a week of home networking, 2 weeks of advanced troubleshooting, and then another 1-2 weeks of 'nesting' and then I'm out there on my own. I'm really excited about it. So let me tell you about my class. Um, there are 17 people in my class, most are around my age. The cliques have already formed, and of course, I don't fit in with anyone. I really like the girls I sit near. Charlotte has 2 kids, Amber has 1, Jaime doesn't have any yet, and of course I have Makenzie. But we all have men/husbands, so there is pleny for us to talk about. One lady, Eleanor is from Austrailia. She's really nice.

So far, we've gotten some of our IDs and passwords/passphrases. I'm taking notes on EVERYTHING. I'm taking notes on module 5 (the modules are like the chapters we're covering) while the class is on module 4. I hate moving at a slow pace. But they comprehensive notes, lol. Anyone could pick them up and learn all about everything, lol.

I'm not gonna list everything we've covered so far, because there is just so much of it. But I have realized that, since AT&T offers tuition reimbursement, I think I might go to FCCJ and take a computer networking class, maybe a class on operating systems, things like that. I don't intend on leaving this place any time soon, lol.

So, uh, that's my breakdown about the new job.


Home life has been crazy. Makenzie is getting sick : ( Last night was hell. We tried going out to dinner and her mood just deteriorated. I feel really bad for her, but she's feeling better this morning. She's taking her medicine, thank goodness.

Kevin and I have been doing really good. We haven't been fighting very much. I got my Valentine's Day present yesterday. He got me an awesome pair of sunglasses. They are purple, but the kind of purple that look black until you hold it up to the light. Very awesome. I also got some No Fear stuff. One of the reps for No Fear was at the dealership trying to get rid of stuff, so I took a look through it. Kevin bought me a purse, headband, hat, and shirt. For $20. Not each. For everything. So I felt good, of course, lol.

And before I log off, you might get a laugh out of this.

I almost face-planted yesterday at work. I was walking through the parking lot and my ankle just gave out. I hit the ground between 2 cars. I skinned my palms, my leg, and bruised my hip. Then, I did the whole "jump up and look around, make sure no one saw" thing.

I'm gonna run. I have to go seperate a toddler and a puppy.

Feb. 13th, 2008

Live Life Crazy

Allergies Suck

I woke up this morning at 8am. I was asleep again at 10:30am. I hate having allergy problems and I hate the fact that Benadryl knocks me flat on my ass. It's quite annoying, really. Right now, DD is watching 'Dora the Explorer'. That's all she watches. Even when I sit down with DH at night, she's always asking, "Dora?". Cute, but it kind of gets old. Not to sound mean or anything.

We got a puppy about 5 weeks ago and I'm allergic. Almost severely allergic to dogs. Anywhere she touches me, my skin breaks out and turns red and itchy. I walk into a room and not even 5 minutes later, I'm sneezing my head off and my eyes hurt so bad. I'm going to just deal with it, though. She's a gorgeous dog and I don't want to have to get rid of her at all.

I wanted to write. I wanted to sit down and just let the words flow but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything to write about. So I suppose I'll leave this here for now.

Jan. 30th, 2008



Remember the AT&T job I was telling you guys about?

I GOT IT!!!!!

I am so freakin' happy and excited and...yeah. I'm so happy right now. :-)

I think 2008 is going to be a pretty good year.

Live Life Crazy

*yawns* Nice.

 Another day off. This one is going to be spent doing nothing.

I finished laundry and did all my cleaning yesterday. I think I deserve a chance to just goof off.

So, I want to take a road trip. I think as soon as I can get either Lauren or Amanda down here, we're gonna drive out to Pensacola. I'm going to wait and try and find out when the next graduation from OCS is. Then go and flirt with all those new officers, heh. My friend Lauren and I always said that before we got married, we'd go have a fling with an officer. Well, now we're both married so the fling part is out, but flirting isn't. *grins*

I really miss my friends who have moved out of state. I have fabulous friends who live here in Jacksonville, friends I wouldn't give up for anything, but I do miss my friends like Lauren, Amanda, Kat, friends I can't just get up and go see. You never really realize just how important friendships are until they're limited.

Ahh well. I have a few day trips I want to take. P-cola, Atlanta, Charleston. I've been to Savannah but I would LOVE to go back. It turns out I can't get up there for St. Patrick's day this year. I won't be able to get the day off work. So Kandi, Steve, Kevin, and I will have to wait until next year. But we ARE going to go.

I also want to go to....

NYC (back to)
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
Miami (just to say I've been there)
W. Palm Beach
New Orleans

That's my list so far. I've currently traveled to...

San Francisco
New Jersey
Rota, Spain
Sigonella, Sicily
Palermo, Sicily
Taormina, Sicily
Agrigento, Sicily

I love to travel.

Jan. 24th, 2008

Boondock Saints

Deep Thoughts.


It's about time I sat down and really wrote about how I'm feeling right now.

I'm in one of my "I hate people" moods right now, and it's none of anyone's fault. I just get like this sometimes. There's times where I just want to run and hide and just...disappear. But then I remember that I have so many obligations to deal with. It's rather disheartening at times. I'm not talking about being able to do all the things that single people/non-parents do. It's not about partying or drinking. It's not about sleeping with different people or getting high (which I've never done, to begin with. But that's another entry.). It's about just doing what I want to do. It's about being able to just...get up and go.

I want to travel. But I know I'll never have the opportunity to do so. We don't have the money. I don't think we'll ever have the money to leave Florida. I hate this state. I hate working at the mall, looking at all the super skinny women that walk around like their shit don't stink, looking down on me because I'm 'big'. I hate the weather. I hate the humidity. I hate the fact there are no freakin' seasons in Florida. Do you know how much I hate the fact that I can go to the beach in the middle of fucking January?

January is winter. It's supposed to be cold. Maybe not always snow, but it's at least supposed to be cold. Wait, I'm getting off topic here. I'm supposed to be talking about how I feel right now, not January weather in Florida.

My "I hate people" mood. Ah, let me get back to this one. I'm just in a serious funk right now that revolves around people and their stupidity. Not just their stupidity, but their petty-ness (excuse that, but I'm not too sure on how to spell it, lol) and their bitchiness. I hate it when people walk around acting like they are God's gift, talking about how they can do this and they can do that but the minute you open your mouth about how you can do something, they start talking about how self-absorbed it sounds to listen to someone 'toot their own horn'. The shut the fuck up! Seriously!

* * * * * * * * * * *

This is going absolutely nowhere. So let me try another tactic. I'm going to write a letter to people. I'm not addressing it, just writing out some deep things I wish I could say to them.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I hate how you act like you're always right. Well, you're not. All you ever do is talk about how "unprofessional" everyone is, yet you can talk shit like that all the time and no one says a goddamn word to you. I'm sick of your goody-goody bullshit. I hate how you talk behind everyone's back. You swear you don't, but everyone knows you do. You twist things around to make yourself look like the good person but we all know the truth. I think you know the truth, too, and you're just too damn scared to admit it. You're marrying a loser. Face it. If you are going back and forth so freakin' much about whether or not you should marry this idiot, then you should know your answer. If you don't make a decision, you're not going to be happy. Reguardless, we're sick and tired of hearing about it.

* * * * * * * * * * *

I know I've talked about how once, just once, I'd like to be seen as a 'bad girl', but that doesn't mean I want to talk about sex every fucking time I talk to you! I am NOT just a piece of ass that you can disrespect just because it's what you want to do. Sometimes I allow it because it's all in the spirit of things, but there's times when I just don't want to be treated like that. I'm a person with feelings (oh gosh, how corny does that sound?) and I expect them to be respected just as yours are. Just because you're not getting laid does not mean I'm going to feel sorry for you and crawl into your bed. I have a family and a child to think about. Things have seriously changed for me and I'm sorry.

* * * * * * * * * * *

You need to grow up. You have two children who are going to be adults in just a few short years. You've gotten lazy and it's disgusting. I'm so sick and tired of hearing you complain about how your children show you no respect whatsoever. If you had raised them to treat you with respect, they probably would have done it. Instead, you sit your lazy ass on the couch all fucking day, every day, and do NOTHING. You expect everyone to do everything for you and it's pathetic. It's people like you who abuse the welfare systems in this country and it's because of people like you who keep people who REALLY need the assistance (like I did when I first got pregnant with Makenzie) from getting it. You abuse the system. I hate letting you watch my daughter. Yes, she's better off with family, but I'd rather drive all the way out to BFE to let my daughter stay with someone than let her stay with someone who can't even take care of themselves. I'm a horrible mother for even allowing my child to do such a thing. Clean up your fucking act or you aren't going to be allowed to see my daughter, much less your own.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Um...I think I'm okay now. Maybe.

Jan. 19th, 2008

Hott Bitch

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